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The Kelley Youth Center (KYC) currently offers Youth Residential Care II programming licensed for 53 beds.  The Transitional Living Center program on the Kelley Youth Center campus offers placements for both male Juvenile Offenders (J.O.) who are placed in the custody of the Kansas Juvenile Justice Authority (J.J.A.) and Children in Need of Care (C.I.N.C.) who are placed in the custody of the Kansas Social & Rehabilitation Services (S.R.S.).

The Transitional Living Center (TLC) is a group home setting that provides Youth Residential Care II services in a structured setting.  Residents are allowed the opportunity to develop social and community skills that are important for reintegration into society upon discharge. Both accountability and responsibility are emphasized in this program.


Youth Residential Care II services are driven by the individual needs of each resident.  A collaborative effort between the placement agency, community case management and legal authorities will occur to best identify such needs.  Each child accepted into the program will receive the following:

  • Data-based individual assessments.
  • An Individualized Program Plan designed to fit identified needs.
  • Individual case management.
  • Daily/Independent living skills, interpersonal skills, situational training/guidance, and recreational activities.
  • On-site educational services (provided by local school district).
  • Progress reports, transition and aftercare services.
Additional services may include, but are not limited to: GED services, employment training, employment and community service.  Therapeutic and substance abuse services may be coordinated with a community-based resource when there is a specified need for such services.


KYC :: TLC :: Personnel :: KYC Referral Info



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